Can a kitchen exhaust manufacturer make the life of chefs easier?

We like to think so. That’s why we are commited to providing quality kitchen exhaust solutions.

About Aerotech Industries

For more than 25 years, Aerotech Industries has been a pioneer in kitchen ventilation systems and is known for durability, dependability and meticulous attention to detail.

The Aerotech team is here to make it easier to solve the most complex kitchen ventilation challenges. Whether you require an exhaust hood, ducting, blowers, filters or fresh air system for your commercial kitchen, our breadth of product styles, sizes and features gives you the flexibility to meet your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Aerotech Industries offers complete process of kitchen exhaust solutions from visiting the site, taking physical measurements, understanding the customers’ requirements, preparing a complete and detailed draft layout, manufacturing the equipment in its state-of-the art facility, execution and installation of equipment at site along with a regular up-to-date maintenance of equipments. We have our own in-house team of designers to offer the best and optimized use of kitchen exhaust systems.

Aerotech Industries’ value-added exhaust solutions serve customers across India as well as emerging markets across the globe. Everything we build can be fully integrated throughout your space—no matter how big, how small or how complex.

Our Strengths

High quality raw material

State-of-the art manufacturing facility

Supreme quality

Durable and long-lasting products

Faster response time to client’s needs

Meticulous attention to minute details and client’s requirements

Highly efficient, low-cost manufacturing


Research & Development

With investments in technology and operations, we continually work to bring you exceptional quality. To ensure safe and reliable performance, our products are also comprehensively tested for structural integrity, aerodynamic performance, sound levels, mechanical operation, vibration, temperatures, environmental impact and more.

The hospitality industry is a dynamic and ever-changing market. Keeping in view of this, we do regular research to make sure our products are up-to-date with industry standards.


Our products are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards so you can count on them to work for years to come. In fact, each product is backed by our aftermarket service, so if issues arise, we’re standing by to make it right. After all, we believe engineering a kitchen ventilation system takes more than precision and craftsmanship—it takes a commitment to you.

In our manufacturing facility in Kaman, we have got state-of-the art machinery, including CNC Laser Cutting Machine (for utmost precision), CNC Shearing & Bending Machines, Power Presses, Argon Welding Machines, etc. to make sure that the products manufactured are of utmost quality and engineered to perfection.